Renewable Energy

At Voltrak we offer you renewable energy services, transforming energy into savings for your company, whether is it for a large-scale project or buildings.

Wind power farms

  • Medium voltage grids
  • Crane pads and site roads
  • High voltage substations (69 – 400 kV)
  • High voltage transmission lines (69 – 400 kV)

Solar PV farms

  • EPC or balance of system (BOS) for utility-scale as for industrial and commercial segment
  • High voltage substations (69 – 400 kV)
  • High voltage transmission lines ( 69 – 400 kV)


  • Medium voltage grids
  • High voltage substations (69 – 400 kV)
  • Civil works and assembly of generators
  • High voltage transmission lines (69 – 400 kV)

Instrumentation and control

  • Mounting of process instruments
  • Calibration/instruments configuration
  • Hookups (mechanical installation)
  • Process tap connection and/or instrument air supply
  • Electrical control installation
  • Cabling, electrical cable tray/conduit, and support
  • Connection (testing, labeling and compressing of cables)
  • Loop tests on the field (simulation)
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Maintenance of field instrumentation and/or final control
  • elements (control valves, actuators, positioners, and others)

Remote monitoring of substations

Power reliability

24/7 Attention

Historical indicators

Return of investment

Competitive advantage

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

We have an expert engineering area for the development of each project, in which we implement the methodology BIM, which allows the comprehensive management of construction projects, in all its phases and during the entire life cycle of the building, by means of virtual models.

Lean Construction

At Voltrak we use the Lean Construction Continuous Improvement methodology, a series of principles, methods, and tools focused on eliminating waste and increasing added value, aiming to increase construction productivity and business profitability.

With our “365 Integral Maintenance ” program we guarantee that your facilities are in excellent condition, and comply with legal and environmental requirements.

Advantages and benefits

24/7 emergency assistance

Annual maintenance check up

Monthly maintenance inspections

Grid Code

Your solution to compliance with the Grid Code

Our solutions focus on providing a complete service:

  • Policy advice and guidance
  • Design
  • Procurement and installation
  • Commissioning

Please allow us to offer you our experience and avoid sanctions, remember that applies to all users connected to National Electric System.