Energy as a Service

We know the maintenance of your facilities is very important, and that’s why Voltrak has an expert team of professionals with the aim of providing you with detailed analysis that maximizes the life of your equipment and installations to reduce the risk of failure.

  • PREVENTIVE maintenance of medium and high voltage
  • CORRECTIVE maintenance to electrical substations
  • Mounting of medium and high power transformers
  • Verification of protection and control schemes
  • Energy quality studies (arc flash studies)
  • Thermography
  • Short circuit studies (Load flow analysis)
  • Atmospheric protection system (Lightning arresters)
  • Protection coordination studies (low, medium, and high voltage)
  • Medium and low voltage capacitor banks
  • Land system studies

Remote monitoring of substations

Power reliability

24/7 Attention

Historical indicators

Return of investment

With our “365 Integral Maintenance ” program we guarantee that your facilities are in excellent condition, and comply with legal and environmental requirements.

Advantages and benefits

24/7 emergency assistance

Annual maintenance check up

Monthly maintenance inspections

Grid Code

Your solution to compliance with the Grid Code

Our solutions focus on providing a complete service:

  • Diagnostic
  • Evaluation
  • Solution Design
  • Action Plan
  • Deployment

Please allow us to offer you our experience and avoid sanctions, remember that applies to all users connected to National Electric System.